Strategic Plan

The Bourbonnais Public Library evaluates the needs of the community every five years to develop a Strategic Plan that highlights the Library's goals and objectives. Members of a staff Strategic Planning Committee, the Board of Trustees, community leaders, and members of the public work together to develop this plan.
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Narrative Report


Connecting our community with resources to grow, learn, and discover

Our vision is to become the heart of the community


Make sure the community knows the who, where, and what of the Bourbonnais Public Library


Allocate financial resources for marketing staff and initiatives.

Collect information about the marketing needs of the library through focus groups, surveys, and informal discussion.

Create a marketing plan that includes targets, strategies, and timelines.

Community Engagement

Inspire community involvement


Form relationships with local businesses to partner and invest in new resources for the library.

Create physical spaces that reflect the community and promote interaction with the library.

Develop an Outreach Plan.


provide access to resources, experiences, opportunities


Try one new, significant library initiative per year.

Partner with other local agencies to make connections, explore the needs, and provide resources for ESL patrons.

Connect with local educational and vocational institutions to enhance access to resources for our community.


Empower staff to become informed, enthusiastic library ambassadors


Revise job titles and job descriptions.

Enhance continuing education and professional development.

Maintain an environment that supports library ambassadors.