Reading Challenges

Spring Into New Genres: Adult Reading Challenge


Stretch your reading skills and spring into new genres this March and April! Expanding what you read can strengthen your reading comprehension, spark your imagination, and introduce you to different ways of enjoying the world around you.

This reading challenge, which is geared toward readers ages 18 and up, features 9 different genres: Biography/Autobiography, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Informational, Mystery, Poetry, Realistic Fiction, Science Fiction, and Traditional Literature. Each genre entry includes 3 questions for you to answer. Once you've completed all 3 questions for a specific genre, you earn the genre badge and receive 5 tickets. A total of 60 tickets can be earned and redeemed for prizes in this challenge. There is no limit to how many tickets can be submitted for any given prize and all prize winners will be notified at the conclusion of the challenge.

Recover from those snow showers, settle down in a bed of spring flowers, and get to reading some new genres!

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